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The PAPY-list is a mailing list that has been serving papyrologists since its establishment in 1993. While primarily beneficial for Greek and Latin papyrologists, it also welcomes contributions from demotists, coptologists, and Arabic papyrologists. The list generally operates without moderation, allowing messages and their replies to be distributed to all subscribers. On average, there are approximately 25 conversations per month.

The main purpose of the PAPY discussion list is to facilitate occasional information exchange and discussions on topics relevant to papyrologists (including Greek, Latin, Coptic, and Demotic) and ancient historians with an interest in Greco-Roman Egypt. A significant aspect of the list is to provide a platform for authors to share their new publications, often presenting them personally. However, formal reviews are not provided. While English, French, German, and Italian are frequently used, there is no official language requirement for participation.

Since its inception, the list has become a valuable resource for scholars in the field, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and the advancement of papyrological research. It continues to be an active and influential platform within the field of papyrology, connecting researchers and serving as a hub for scholarly discourse on topics related to ancient papyrus texts.

The archive can be accessed using the following address: