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Markup List

The Markup List is a forum for discussion of text markup issues and the encoding of ancient languages, in EpiDoc. Discussions may concern Guidelines, schema, XSLT and other tools produced by the EpiDoc community and involve members of projects based on EpiDoc. Other useful tools for discussion are the sections Request Features and Report Bugs on the main EpiDoc website on Sourceforge, in which members of the Community can request additional features or just report problems respectively.

GLTreebank mailing list

The GLTreebank mailing list is used for the discussion of Ancient Greek and Latin treebanking, morphosyntactic annotation, querying, visualising, and otherwise using treebanks. Members can discuss already existing corpora or the development of new projects concerning those topics.

D-Scribes List

The D-Scribes List is a mailing list developed from the D-Scribes project (SNSF Ambizione project “Reuniting fragments, identifying scribes and characterising scripts: the Digital paleography of Greek and Coptic papyri”). Members discuss writer identification, ancient document analysis, computerised classification and letter/sign shape comparison in the field of digital papyrology and palaeography.

Pelagios Network Members

Pelagios Network Members is the mailing list of the members of the Pelagios network. The project aims at connecting researchers, scientists and curators to link and explore the history of places. The aim of the project is to develop a method for creating semantic annotations and tools for creating and making use of these annotations (theRecogito platform). To do so, it is essential to create a community of individuals and organisations working with geographic data in humanities disciplines and cultural heritage: besides a smaller group of partners who actively collaborate in the activities of the community, there is a larger group of members who have an interest on the project’s outputs and want to discuss specific problems or request features and who can freely register to the mailing list.

Other Classics mailing lists

For other Classics mailing lists, see: